Abilities and Powers Edit

Fighting Style

Andou started off by being a handicap fighter but he loves a good brawl after plenty of experience of fighting with no power and with power he becomes more better than a average street fighter. His specialty is doing a lot of jump attacks with many physical blows and he is really strong with his fists. Andou is really aggresive when it comes to fighting. He picked up a couple of moves by The Omita Prison Camp Tournament, The Structured Calendar Games, and many adventures by making it up. When being Unconscious and Psychotic, his physical abilities can be a hell lot to handle. (when using Parrot Wind Beak or Arch Kokutou spiritual projectiles abilities, his face rarely shows the satisfaction he has when fist-fighting)

Andou comes up with crazy martial arts. When getting used to his transformation all his physical abilities from transformation can also be used and referred without transformation. He mostly prefers teaming up with Elliot Axel to fight strong foes and to learn more about body reinforcement which Elliot Axel is a master of.

After lot's of experienced fighting he becomes fast, agile and durable. making him a overwhelming magnitude fighter. He becomes more overwhelming in his terrestrial form.

Artic Energy: When unprotected and unequipped Terrance and Andou learns a new technique this technique can use after image physical attacks it is generated with a die_singlong move.

Terrik Wing Cloth: Using the Sacred Water Vase Peak Andou drinks from it and Terrance Appears on his back. Wings of Air come out it becomes evasive and with great speed and reflexes.

Transformation #1: ParrotWindBeak

Parrot beak turns into it's first stage uncontrollable psychic powers will release into Andou manifestation. His left parrot beak on his eye becomes made out of smoky wind it becomes magical inside it is a golden eye. His right eye becomes yellow and Andou becomes more different than ever his strength increases when he is full of rage.

  • Monumental Strength: Andou learns merely the art of the demonic parrot within him. He can defeat tough opponents within 8 minutes if he even tried. Andou can send opponents flying, Break through enemies defense in an instant, his punches and kicks can get into sync with enemies combat, and he possess a high degree of strength. 
  • Monumental Speed and Reflexes: Andou can evade and counter attack opponents in combat easily. His agility is his backup from this power he activates. His speculation gives him a mere thought to react. He learn all of these senses through out his active adventures and his further training from Lchiv.
  • Monumental Durability: Andou has consistently shown himself able to take a great deal of punishment and still be able to continue fighting. He is at times lucky with his endurance and will to survive. His strength measures closely to Lchiv. When he is unconscious his strength becomes a tenfold and he continues to surprise people.
  • Converter: The Converter is 8 colorful goldish crystals surrounding the parrot beak that charges up the ability Andou is using to go to the next level this is the maxed up form of that ability that is going to be used.
  • Cyclops Blast: Andou has the ability to release powerful energy blasts from his left eye. It can be uncontrollable and explosive when activated.
  • Whistle Shot: Andou Standard first ability the Whistle Shot is Andou Signature move. Andou focuses his right and left hand using the 2 fingers which is his index and middle finger this gathers and channels his energy into a epic energy attack then this shoot's out a green energy blast. The Whistle Shot is 2x stronger than his punch. From the parrot beak.
  • Spolkavitch (Ultimate Whistle Shot): Andou Ultimate Whistle Shot this is very stronger. This Spolkavitch can only happen with Converter. Even by the looks of how small the blast is it could even destroy a building.
  • Spolkavitch Bon Pluter (Hellmove Whistle Shot): When combined with Age of God supplement gage the parrot beak vanishes and it releases a energy attack shaped as the monstrous bird from fantasy jungle it is revealed to be an immense, powerful, uncontrollable attack can keep it's eye on the target if it misses once then it comes back to blast away the opponent. After Absorbing Lchiv power and the monstrous bird Andou can use this attack freely without having to wait for his energy to build up.
    2013 NYR 02726 1340 000(a very rare large guan-type five sacred peaks moon flask yongzheng six)
  • Sacred Water Vase Peak: Sacred Water Vase Peak is summon now Andou can create another version of Hellmove Whistle Shot. This Vase has 3 holes. the 1st one Andou drinks from it and Terrance appears on his back this one is called Terrik wing cloth can also be use with no transformation. The 2nd one a hurricane of water comes out and it becomes another version of the Hellmove Whistle shot. The 3rd hole is one of the easiest ways of transforming into Arch Kokutou he can also transform while he is angry without the vase. The 3rd hole is Omu Puteradakuchiru Terrestrial Form (Core).
  • Slashing wave: This can be only 50%  of this form power and when turning into Arch Entity becomes a 100% when using slashing wave this shock wave can blast people away. Andou uses it to turn his entire body into a catalyst for his parrot potential.
  • Vanishing Gale: Andou uses one ability or none to disappear in front of a person and appear behind the person using a ability or just brutal force.
  • Digital Mass Healing Factor: Andou has the ability of full healing factor when ever his limbs or whatever is severed the limbs will grow back as a digital effect.
  • Air Wave: A transparent blast that has a texture of mystical wind when fired it can blow away matter or such with outstanding results the damage is massively painful this comes out of the parrot beak.
  • Age of God supplement gage: A Big Bang blast when using the second extent to the original attack. The parrot beak vanishes and both of his eyes shoot out a massive blast from any attack he is using.